“It’s nice to have different parts of the ecosystem all in one place at one time, discussing whatever the latest issues are. I find it very energising and engaging.”
Micky Minhas, Chief patent counsel, Microsoft

“IPBC India offers excellent opportunity to keep track of emerging issues in the IP world, and learn best practices from IP Industry experts in a single platform. The selection of topics, speakers profile and the extensive preparation by session organizers is commendable. The format encourages quality and depth of discussions, followed by actionable insights for the audience.”
Balwant Rawat, Senior programme manager and head, intellectual property, India, Mercedes-Benz R&D India Ltd.

“The only Indian IP conference worth considering. Brings together the most relevant people with the most relevant topics.”
Essenese Obhan, Managing partner, Obhan & Associates

“IPBC India made humongous efforts to increase the participation of In-house IP professionals and this brings a unique perspective and value to the discussions.”
SK Murthy, Patent counsel, Intel

“I have attended IPBC India twice and it has always been a fulfilling experience. This year also, all the panel topics at IPBC India were very well structured and designed to meet specific needs of the audience. The conference also offers the opportunity to meet the brightest of IP minds and exchange ideas. Their rich experience of organizing conferences across the world helps IPBC in attracting the best of names and deliver value to everyone involved.”
Faiz ur Rahman, Head, intellectual property, legal team, Wipro

“These are great conferences.”
Ira Blumberg, Vice president of intellectual property, Lenovo

“IPBC India 2018 was a unique opportunity to exchange views and network with some of the leading practitioners in the IP business. If you are planning to attend an IP event, choose this one.”
Dr Anindya Sircar, Intellectual Property Consultant

“The IPBC is a very good platform for idea exchange and deliberation on range of contemporary topics related to Intellectual Property. The uniqueness of this forum is exchange of very useful and practical inputs from the best brains of the industry.”
Anand Bopardikar, General manager, Reliance Industries

“IPBC has a diversity factor attached to it and that is what appeals most to me. Be it diverse speakers on the panels or its diverse audience, IPBC has something to offer for everyone.”
Ajay Panwar, Senior IP counsel, Mastercard

“These conferences are clearly top-shelf IP forums and I plan to attend as many as I am able to.”
Joseph M Sommer, Assistant vice president of intellectual property, AT&T Inc

 “Over the years, I have been member of a very large number of professional associations and I find them falling into three broad categories. At the first level, they are those which are too academic and they might end up debating a single phrase in a statute for a whole session. If I was a Law Professor or a Judge, these would be most relevant and interesting for me.

At a second level, are Associations which deal with a variety of subjects presented in several hues and shapes. These are very useful and over the years, I found that most Associations that I go to, fall in this category.

A third level which I have started to prefer the most are organizations like IPBC which have this unique IAM culture of presenting things in a very practical way and almost getting you ready for instant action (load and fire instead of learning the science of trajectories).

Quite apart from the learning, the potential for work is the highest where the density of clients is high and I believe that IPBC caters to both of these needs.”
Pravin Anand, Managing partner, Anand and Anand

“Business focus, a judicious blend of stakeholders, discussions that benefit the entire eco-system: IPBC India is a truly engaging event!”
Ganapathy Narayanan, Head, IP group, Tata Consultancy Services

“IPBC India was very well organized. I was also very impressed by the high attendance rate. I most like panel discussions where each panelist can bring his/her experience, knowledge, and advice to the table. As a panelist, I learned quite a bit from other speakers.”
Guojun Zhou, Director, patents, Asia-Pacific, Intel

“IPBC is a unique forum bringing together IP professionals from across the globe for a scintillating exchange of trends, patterns and experiences from varied domains of intellectual property. IPBC India 2018 witnessed the best of IP brains from the industry, academia, government and practitioners engaged in thought-provoking panel discussions. Besides networking, the IPBC with its enriching content and thoroughly researched topics is a great learning platform for all in the business of IP. The organizers are well-researched, warm and professional. It is wonderful being a part of the IPBC and I eagerly look forward to the IPBC 2019.”
Lakshika Joshi, Lead IP counsel, Global, Aricent

“An opportunity to listen to and exchange views with some of the leading thinkers in the world of IP business.”
Patrick Couzens, Intellectual asset manager, Nestlé SA

“IPBC events are unique – attendees are an optimal mix of corporate counsel and lawyers in private practice, who are the leaders in their respective fields. The interactive panel discussions enable high quality conversations that go into the heart of issues and offer practical takeaways to the attendees. All in all, IPBC provides a great platform for a fruitful exchange of ideas, and excellent networking opportunities. “
Pankaj Soni, Partner, Remfry & Sagar

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