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Anand & Anand


Anand and Anand is a full-service IP law firm, providing end-to-end legal solutions covering all cross-sections of intellectual property and related areas. The firm is managed by a partnership board comprising 23 partners and four directors, supported by a management team. The firm employs over 300 people, including over 100 qualified attorneys and engineers. It has offices in New Delhi, Noida, Chennai and Mumbai.

Anand and Anand has multi-disciplinary practice and provides competent and personalised advice on all aspects of core conventional IP laws as well as non-conventional IP mandates. Its expertise is widely acknowledged in addressing complex IP challenges of all types. It serves a diverse portfolio of clients in conventional IP areas such as trademarks, patents, designs, trade secrets and confidential information, as well as in expanding areas such as domain names, information technology and e-commerce, technology transfer and internet and privacy laws. The firm has an extensive intellectual infrastructure in all aspects related to trademark registrations, copyright registrations and IP monetisation, as well as in-licensing and franchising. 

Anand and Anand specialises in copyright in media and entertainment law. It represents authors, musicians, software programmers, artists, designers and many others from the fraternity of copyright owners, as well as societies such as the Indian Singers' Rights Association, the Phonographic Performance Limited, the Indian Reprographic Rights Organisation and the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers.

The firm thrives on challenges, creative thinking and the constant improvement of its legal knowledge and skills.


Dolby Laboratories


Dolby Laboratories advances the science of sight and sound to create and enable spectacular experiences. Through breakthrough research in science and engineering, Dolby transforms sights and sounds into spectacular experiences.

We bring our innovations to people through collaborative partnerships that include artists, businesses and consumers worldwide. With our partners we deliver vivid experiences in the cinema, at home and on the go – experiences so lifelike that people feel as if they have been transported into a cinematic story or a pulsing sphere of music, a distant conference room or an action-packed game.

In both entertainment and communications, through audio and imaging, we give everyone the power to see, hear and feel the spectacular.


IAM Market


An online marketplace for buy and sell-side practitioners, IAM Market brings together people who see the commercial value of intellectual property and technology and want to do business together. IAM Market aims to simplify the IP transactions market, as well as making it more transparent.
It allows IP owners to profile their licensing, sales operations and technology transfer programmes, as well as provide details of specific rights that they are interested in transacting. Meanwhile, it allows IP buyers to search IP assets based on industry, technology and transaction type, while also facilitating requests for intellectual property and technology. IAM has no stake in or knowledge of the deals.

Obhan & Associates


Obhan & Associates is a reputable, skilled and professionally managed full-service law firm in India. It offers end-to-end services in the fields of IP and corporate law, and has been consistently recognised as one of India’s leading law firms.

Obhan’s IP team comprises professionals from diverse backgrounds, all of whom excel in their areas of specialisation and have a strong understanding of Indian IP law. The team is experienced in IP analytics and drafting applications, as well as prosecuting and handling contentious proceedings before the IP Office, the IP Appellate Board and courts all across the country. The team has also been involved in key Indian IP litigation.

Obhan’s highly experienced corporate team provides a broad range of transactional and advisory services. It includes dedicated commercial lawyers who have expertise in drafting, negotiating and enforcing contracts involving a wide range of commercial and IP arrangements. Its corporate law department has also advised on and concluded several licensing transactions, predominantly in the pharmaceutical, education and technology industries. The synergy between the IP and corporate law teams is a key strength of the firm and enables it to advise clients on all aspects of their transactions and enhance the value of their businesses.

Remfry and Sagar

Remfry logo 2019

Remfry & Sagar was established in 1827 and has pioneered IP law in India. The firm’s depth of experience and ability for fresh thinking are unparalleled. Remfry comprises a dynamic team of more than 100 lawyers and 150 professional staff, who offer services across the IP law spectrum. Its corporate law experts also advise on wide-ranging commercial matters. More than 8,000 clients in over 70 countries are testimony to Remfry’s leading capabilities.

Remfry’s clients operate in diverse industries and are extensively involved in global IP fora, including INTA, the European Communities Trademark Association and the American Intellectual Property Law Association. This gives Remfry a broad world view and deep insight into the demands of modern business. Its expertise in service is particularly strong in India; however, the firm’s long history has fostered close associations across the world, facilitating the easy fulfilment of clients’ global IP needs. In addition to crafting seamless IP solutions for clients, the firm engages with policymakers to contribute towards a larger change in India’s IP milieu.

Trademarks, patents, designs, copyright, geographical indications, domain names, unfair competition and custom’s issues lie at the core of Remfry’s practice, which is equally competent in serving prosecution and litigation needs. The firm’s investments in state-of-the-art infrastructure translate to cost and time savings for clients. Underpinning it all is Remfry’s uncompromising insistence on the highest standards of quality and professional ethics. 

Remfry has its principal office in Gurugram and branch offices in Chennai and Bengaluru.

RNA Technology and IP Attorneys


RNA Technology and IP Attorneys is a full-service IP firm. We were established in 2004 with the objective of providing pragmatic and cost-effective solutions to legal problems that IP owners face in relation to the protection, enforcement and commercialisation of IP rights. Our services are modelled keeping in mind the roles and responsibilities of in-house counsel so that our objectives and those of our clients are one and the same. The RNA team comprises trademark attorneys, researchers, patent agents, paralegals and IP investigators who work seamlessly as a coordinated team. We are a team of 34 professionals, including six paralegals and seven researchers and investigators, who provide complete IP solutions as a one-stop shop for all IP needs. 

RNA represents several Fortune 500 companies, start-up businesses and individuals, helping them to make the best of their intellectual assets. Our multi-disciplinary teams comprise seasoned lawyers, published researchers and experienced patent and trademark agents who are equipped to deliver a high level of service while being flexible, open minded and creative in all areas of business. The RNA team also assists companies operating in a diverse range of sectors in employing preventive and deterrent measures to protect their data and confidential information. Our team is intimately aware of the challenges that companies face with newer technologies and growing online businesses. Our lawyers are regularly engaged to prepare and review contracts and advise on IP and IT issues for multinationals, start-ups and software companies.

Networking Sponsor


Darts ip

Darts-ip is a global IP case and analytics provider. With almost 3 million cases gathered from more than 3,000 courts worldwide, Darts-ip is a global reference for IP case law. Darts-ip unveils previously unavailable insights on cases, companies, IP portfolios and technologies in order to support legal and business strategies on a global scale. It took 10 years to collect, analyse and build the right platform for users to access millions of court documents from all over the world. Darts-ip covers all of the main IP areas, including patents, trademarks, designs and models, domain names, copyright and unfair competition. More than 30,000 lawyers, attorneys, corporate counsel, judges and examiners worldwide use its services in order to strengthen their arguments and feel confident in their choices. Darts-ip’s case information is uniquely structured, as data is extracted from individual decisions by the combined efforts of our machine-learning algorithms and IP specialists.

Supporting organisation

The Patent Agents Association - India (PAAi)


The Patent Agents Association - India (PAAi) is, the first and largest not-for-profit think-tank organisation, committed towards reshaping patent policy for healthy innovation ecosystem development in India. To accomplish its objectives, the PAAi has organised IP rights awareness seminars for artists and students, started a direct helpline to provide real-time assistance to innovators & entrepreneurs and submitted its recommendations on national IP rights policy to the Indian government, among others. The PAAi is accessible at www.paai.org.in

Media partners

International Law Office


Launched in 1998, the International Law Office (ILO) is the nexus where global corporate counsel engage with the world’s preeminent law firms, and with each other. The ILO brand encompasses a multifaceted online resource for senior international corporate counsel, which provides tailored, qualityassured updates on global legal developments, a database of the world’s major deals and the legal advisers involved, and a comprehensive directory of firms and partners. Recognising its unique relationship with global corporate counsel, ILO is an Online Media Partner to the Association of Corporate Counsel, the International Bar Association, the American Bar Association Section of International Law, the Inter-Pacific Bar Association and the European Company Lawyers Association.


Lexology Large (GES)

Lexology is the single most trusted online source of free, accessible and searchable global legal knowledge for and by legal practitioners, delivered to more than 300,000 desktops in over 100 countries around the world each day. Lexology offers a powerful research platform with an archive of over 450,000 articles in more than 20 languages covering 50 work areas worldwide. Endorsed by more than 100 associations, corporations and corporate counsel groups, Lexology is not only considered an invaluable resource of its kind, but also regarded as the industry benchmark.

World Trademark Review 


World Trademark Review (WTR) is the leading intelligence platform informing and analysing commercial trademark decisions by translating trademark law into business sense.

WTR provides intelligence on industry and legal development and new and emerging market trends, explores why these are happening and assesses their practical business impact – providing the advanced and credible insight that readers need when they are making crucial business decisions. WTR’s invaluable procedural know-how and case law reviews deliver a 360-degree view on how to manage and exploit key legal and commercial assets.




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