With contributions from some of the foremost IP thought leaders from the jurisdiction, alongside international experts, and case studies presented by those working at the cutting edge of IP value creation, IPBC India 2020 will offer attendees an invaluable chance to gain insights about global best practices.

The full programme is as follows:

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    09:00  -  09:45
    Registration and coffee
    09:45  -  10:00
    Welcome and keynote address
    10:00  -  11:15
    Innovation management

    IP departments should be concerned not just with protecting inventions disclosed by researchers, but with helping to stimulate innovation throughout the whole business. In-house experts from top technology companies discuss how they work with R&D to accomplish this.

    • Capturing existing innovation and incentivising new invention
    • Using IP to identify fertile ground for new research
    • Following through on commercialization
    11:15  -  11:45
    Networking break
    11:45  -  13:00
    Morning session group 1: Licensing Lessons

    Patent licensing is a business necessity in more industries than ever as connectivity proliferates. It is also often about much more than just patents. Negotiators from both sides of past deals share top advice and insight into the current market.

    • Finding FRAND solutions

    • Selling deals internally

    • Beyond pure patent deals

    11:45  -  13:00
    Morning session group 2: Life sciences to the fore

    An increasing number of new and innovative local players are joining India’s generic stalwarts. What is next for the pharmaceutical industry’s development and how is the global environment affecting it?

    • Latest legal developments
    • The rise of biologics
    • New types of IP-based deals and collaborations
    13:00  -  14:30
    Networking lunch
    14:30  -  15:45
    Afternoon session group 1 : The litigation landscape

    India is increasingly a site of major patent disputes. Recent developments have included both high-profile pharmaceutical rulings and some novel new approaches to injunctions in high-tech cases.

    • The ins and outs of injunctions
    • Potential for alternative dispute resolution
    • A look at the global environment

    14:30  -  15:45
    Afternoon session group 2: Protecting trade secrets and data

    Patents are not the final word in high tech IP protection. Companies increasingly turn to trade secrets to protect key innovations, and IP practitioners are now grappling with how to deal with data.

    • Choosing the appropriate protection avenue

    • Handling third-party or client data and trade secrets

    • Protecting data – is there a role for IP?

    15:45  -  16:15
    Networking break
    16:15  -  17:30
    The future of India's IP system

    A high-level discussion of the key policy questions facing Indian leaders as they seek to realise their economic and innovation goals for the country.

    • Patent office priorities

    • Encouraging domestic innovation

    • Maintaining balanced protection

    17:30  -  19:00
    Closing reception