• Thursday, November 21, 2019
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    Registration and coffee
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    The new patentability paradigm

    Australia’s law on patent eligibility is in flux, with recent amendments to the Patents Act and judicial decisions raising questions in several technology fields. In-house IP practitioners need to stay up to date.

    • Protecting computer-implemented inventions
    • Current office practice at IP Australia
    • To file or not to file
    10:15  -  10:45
    Networking break
    10:45  -  11:45
    Making the most of external resources

    Faced with limited time and budget, virtually all IP owners must rely on outside advisors for some element of their IP strategy. Getting the best value out of these relationships can make a big difference to the bottom line.

    • Australia’s consolidating IP firm market – what it means for clients
    • What to outsource, and when
    • Controlling costs, maintaining quality
    11:45  -  12:15
    Networking break
    12:15  -  13:15
    Brand protection playbook

    Building, protecting and commercialising brands requires both a nuanced understanding of enforcement regimes in key markets and a wider insight into the business environment.

    • Educating internally and externally
    • Enforcement challenges in Asia
    • Monetising brands
    13:15  -  14:30
    Networking lunch
    14:30  -  15:30
    Commercialisation masterclass

    There are plenty of hurdles to turning an innovating technology into a successful product. Top IP executives from the private and research sectors share dos and don’ts from throughout the IP life cycle.

    • Identifying whitespace
    • Make, license or sell – choosing the right model
    • Syncing IP and product strategies
    15:30  -  16:00
    Networking break
    16:00  -  17:00
    The future of the in-house IP function

    The rapid advance of new technologies and major shifts in the global IP legal environment are constantly changing what is demanded of IP departments. Top IP executives discuss how to position the IP function for the future.

    • IP’s role in business strategy
    • How technology is changing the legal department
    • Must-have skills for the next generation of IP talent
    17:00  -  18:00
    Cocktail reception