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Harold Barrault - IoT IP 2019.jpg
Harold Barrault
Director, Licensing, Orange
Harold Barrault has been Licensing Director at Orange Group since 2017. He works with the IP and licensing department, which is a fully integrated business unit covering patents and licensing activities, including legal and litigation issues covering patents and software.

Mr Barrault has a business, marketing and IT background. Previously, he oversaw innovation for some of Orange’s affiliates, including in Spain, England and Romania.

Mr Barrault has a bachelor’s in computer science from the French Institute National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts. He has worked at IT and telecoms companies of all sizes, with a focus on software. He has held a variety of positions, from technical expertise to large project management, product marketing, business development and managing director. He has international experience spanning more than 20 years, including expatriation in Silicon Valley, Madagascar and Poland. He co-created a successful start-up in 2007, Refresh IT Solutions, that is still running.
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Mirko Boehm - IoT IP 2019.png
Mirko Boehm
Director, Linux System Definition, Open Invention Network
Mirko Boehm contributes to free and open source software, primarily as a developer and speaker. He has contributed to major open source projects, such as the KDE Desktop, since 1997. He spent several years on the KDE eV Board and has been a Visiting Lecturer and Researcher on free and open source software at the Technical University of Berlin, a Member of the UN Technology Innovation Labs Open Source and IP Advisory Group and a Qt-certified Specialist and Trainer. Mr Boehm has a wide range of experience as an entrepreneur, corporate manager, software developer and German Air Force officer.

The Open Invention Network protects the open source ecosystem by acquiring patents and licensing them royalty free to all participants. As Director for the Linux System Definition, Mr Boehm is responsible for the technical scope that defines the field of use of patent non-aggression agreements.
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Charles Clark - IPBC Europe.jpg
Charles Clark
Director, IP, Centrica
Charles Clark is director of intellectual property at Centrica PLC, a leading FTSE 100 energy company. Before joining Centrica in 2016, Mr Clark was head of intellectual property at Edwards Ltd – a role that included being responsible for Atlas Copco’s vacuum solutions division during a significant growth period for the business.

Mr Clark joined Centrica’s technology and engineering corporate division shortly after its formation in order to implement IP strategies, best practices and awareness across the business. Developing and embracing new technologies is an increasingly important part of Centrica’s strategy to satisfy the changing needs of customers, in both the consumer and business sectors. As a result, establishing intellectual property and incorporating it into the company’s strategies is key to its success.
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Huw Edwards - IoT IP 2019.JPG
Huw Edwards
Senior Counsel, Dispute Resolution, Nokia
Huw Edwards is a Senior Litigation Counsel at Nokia in Espoo, Finland, where he is responsible for managing patent litigation and litigious issues across the world. He is a lawyer admitted in England and Wales and in New South Wales, Australia. Before joining Nokia, he was a Patent Litigation Counsel at Sandoz in Holzkirchen, where he managed patent litigation activities in the pharma sector across a number of jurisdictions in Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Western Europe and developed and implemented global patent litigation strategies. Before becoming an in-house attorney, Mr Edwards worked at Freehills and Mallesons in Australia (2007 to 2011) and at Bird & Bird in London (2002 to 2006). During his training as a solicitor (2000 to 2002), Mr Edwards worked at Linklaters in its London and Brussels offices. He studied aeronautical engineering at the University of Bristol, where he received a MEng in 1998.
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David Goodfellow - IoT IP 2019.jpg
David Goodfellow
Chief Patent Counsel, EMEA, Aptiv
David Goodfellow is a patent attorney and IP strategist with 20 years’ experience protecting high-tech IP. He has spent the last 15 years in-house, helping technology companies to realise their IP and business goals. In enterprises of all sizes – from start-ups to segment leading multinationals – Mr Goodfellow has driven the full IP cycle from ideation to monetisation. He has extensive experience in guiding businesses through different patenting strategies, from high-volume to highly selected patenting.
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Hanns Hallesius - IoT IP 2019.jpg
Hanns Hallesius
Head, Group Patents, AB Electrolux
Hanns Hallesius is Head of patent activities at Electrolux Group, a leading global provider of powered home appliances. He has held leading IP positions at the group since 2006. In addition to the responsibility for everyday activities in the patent area, Mr Hallesius drives change in IP management in order to align IP strategy and organisation with Electrolux Group’s business strategy in a constantly changing business environment.

From 1994 to 2005, Mr Hallesius worked at IP law firm Awapatent, particularly in management positions. He has an MSc from Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg and an MBA from Copenhagen Business School.
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Raymond Hegarty - IPBC Europe 2019.jpg
Raymond Hegarty
Chief IP Officer, Everseen
Raymond Hegarty is an IP strategist and Chief IP Officer at Everseen. Previously, he spent six years as Vice President of Global Licensing for Intellectual Ventures, where he managed a portfolio of 40,000 patents. Before that, he built IP-intensive businesses in Japan, Ireland and Luxembourg, assembled and developed teams and implemented IP exploitation processes and systems. He has closed billions of dollars’ worth of patent and trademark transactions.

Mr Hegarty authored the bestselling Kindle e-books Billion Dollar IP Strategy (2019) and Intellectual Property for Executives (2018) and co-authored the IP transfer pricing chapter in Tolley’s Transfer Pricing Risks Post-BEPS. He has advised the European Commission, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development and policymakers worldwide on national and international innovation and taxation strategies.

Mr Hegarty is a regular conference speaker and is connected to the global professional IP community. He has been recognised by the IAM Strategy 300 since 2011.
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Patrick Hofkens - IoT IP 2019.jpg
Patrick Hofkens
Director, IP Rights Licensing, Ericsson IPR & Licensing
Patrick Hofkens is Director of IP Rights Policy in the IP and licensing unit at Ericsson. He focuses primarily on FRAND-related topics, IP rights policies of standardisation organisations and licensing. He previously worked at Option, a company active in the telecoms sector focused on the design and development of products and services for the machine-to-machine market, where he held the positions of Corporate Secretary and Chief Development Officer. Mr Hofkens also acted as Chair of the board of directors of M4S, a spin-off from IMEC, and was active in the development of reconfigurable radio-frequency transceivers. Prior to Option, he worked in private practice as Counsel at Loyens&Loeff. Mr Hofkens has an LLM from the University of Leuven and a master’s in company law from the University of Brussels.
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Henrik Holzapfel - IoT IP 2019.jpg
Henrik Holzapfel
Partner, McDermott Will & Emery LLP
Henrik Holzapfel advises on all aspects of IP law. He focuses on litigating patents, including the enforcement of patents essential to industry standards and FRAND defences. Dr Holzapfel also has extensive experience litigating trade secret matters. Other areas of his practice include advising on IP licensing agreements (including providing advice on European competition law), drafting R&D agreements and advising on employees’ inventions. His clients represent a wide variety of industries, such as information technology, automotive, engineering, pharmaceutical, biotech, medical devices and chemicals.

Dr Holzapfel obtained a degree in law from the University of Bielefeld and the University of Tubingen in 2000. He then obtained his doctorate in 2004 and worked as a University Assistant at the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, Munich. He joined McDermott Will & Emery LLP from a full-service German firm and has held positions at international firms in Germany and London.
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Andreas Iwerbäck - IoT IP 2019.jpg
Andreas Iwerbäck
Director, Group IP Intelligence, Husqvarna Group
Andreas Iwerbäck is Director of Group IP Intelligence at Husqvarna Group, where he works on securing actionable intelligence to C-level stakeholders and group management. He has 20 years’ experience in patent-related work, covering the whole value chain of patents – from filing and prosecution to licensing and litigation.

Mr Iwerbäck’s career began as Patent Attorney and he later moved to patent commercialisation. Previously, he worked in the original licensing team at Ericsson, which elevated IP rights from costing millions to bringing in billions. At Ericsson, he was responsible for patent licensing in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Mr Iwerbäck has participated in hundreds of licence negotiations worldwide, with a major focus on Asia (particularly Japan). He has run successful litigation campaigns and several M&A and due diligence projects, including the world’s largest IP transaction – the Nortel-Rockstar acquisition.
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Robert Klinski - IoT IP 2019.jpg
Robert Klinski
Managing Director, PATENTSHIP Patentanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
Robert Klinski is a German and European patent, trademark and design attorney, and the Founder of Patentship.

Dr Klinski studied electrical engineering and telecoms at the Hamburg University of Technology and received his PhD with honours from the Technical University of Munich in the field of statistical signal processing in orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing communication systems. As a Scientific Researcher at the Fraunhofer Institute ESK in Munich, he designed and implemented wired and wireless communication systems and is mentioned as an inventor in several patents.

Dr Klinski has been working in the IP field since 2002 and has extensive experience in IP prosecution, litigation, harvesting and monetisation in the fields of digital signal processing, 5G, Internet of Things, AI, blockchain and cryptography.
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Ian McClean - IPBC Global 2019 NEW.jpg
Ian MacLean
Senior Vice President, IP Services, TechInsights
Ian MacLean provides strategic direction and leadership to a team of specialised engineers, analysts and customer service professionals dedicated to enabling IP groups and law firms to derive value from their patent portfolios. Previously, he was vice president of patent intelligence services at Chipworks. During his career of more than 20 years, Mr MacLean has held senior sales, marketing and business development roles in leading technology companies. He has a BA from the University of Western Ontario.
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Catarina Maia - IoT IP 2019.png
Catarina Maia
Head, Technology Licensing Office, INESC TEC
Catarina Maia is Head of the Technology Licensing Office at INESC TEC and a lecturer of several entrepreneurship and technology commercialisation courses at the University of Porto, Portugal. She predominantly focuses on IP in information communications technology-related areas, covering both hardware and software. She also undertakes academic research on technology commercialisation, business models and innovation.

Prior to INESC TEC, Ms Maia set up and served as the managing director of A2B, a business angel investment fund primarily dedicated to technology ventures. She also served as a mentor of several technology-based entrepreneurship programmes. She has experience in software start-ups, large distribution multinationals and research in international organisations.

Ms Maia has an MSc in management with a focus on technology entrepreneurship, an MBA in management and a licenciatura in microbiology.
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Peter_Moeldner NEW- IoT IP 2019.JPG
Peter Moeldner
Vice President, IP, Robert Bosch GmbH
After completing his studies in mechanical engineering at the Technische Universität Darmstadt in 1992, Peter Moeldner joined the Robert Bosch GmbH patent department in Stuttgart as a patent professional and has since held various positions in the IP field for Bosch.

Mr. Moeldner is admitted as a German and European Patent Attorney. He worked several years for Bosch in the United States. Since 2009, Mr. Moeldner has been Head of the Corporate Patent Department (Mechanics) and the Central Office for Inventor's Compensation.
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Elisabeth Opie - Software IP 2019.jpg
Elisabeth Opie
International Technology Lawyer, Office of Elisabeth Opie
Based in Munich, Germany, Elisabeth Opie provides operational, tactical and strategic advice across a broad range of issues facing technology-centric companies. She has more than 20 years’ international experience in the global innovation system. Holding senior legal and executive positions, Ms Opie has worked with industry, spin-offs, research organisations and governments. She has extensive experience in international business transactions, negotiation and alternative dispute resolution. Her legal and executive experience has been developed across sectors such as information technology, automotive, aerospace, health and energy. Ms Opie has experience in both non-contentious and contentious matters.

Ms Opie has received a number of awards in the field of international science and technology, including business and strategy excellence awards, and was the inaugural Global Research Alliance Fellow.

Ms Opie is a qualified solicitor in Australia and England and Wales and a foreign-registered lawyer.
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Sophie Pasquier - IoT IP 2019.jpg
Sophie Pasquier
Principal Licensing Counsel, Koninklijke Philips NV
Sophie Pasquier is a qualified patent attorney and works as Principal Licensing Counsel in the IP and standards department of Koninklijke Philips NV (Philips). Her main responsibility is licensing Philips’ patents to third parties in technical areas, including telecoms and consumer electronics. Dr Pasquier is also responsible for valuing Philips’ patent portfolio by creating, developing and leading patent licensing programmes, particularly in the cellular communications field.

Dr Pasquier graduated as an engineer from Ecole Centrale, has a master’s in IP law from Paris 6 University and a master’s in patent law from the Centre of International Intellectual Property Studies. She has been a board member of the Licensing Executive Society in France since 2014.

Dr Pasquier has more than 13 years’ experience licensing IP, infringement analysis, contract drafting, patent sales and acquisitions. She has led programmes in all phases of obtaining financial value for specific patent portfolios and technologies.
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Grant Philpott - IoT IP 2019.jpg
Grant Philpott
Chief Operating Officer, European Patent Office
Grant Philpott manages the EPO’s patent grant operations in its mobility and mechatronics sector, with responsibility for a range of technologies from additive manufacturing, consumer goods and construction to the automotive and aerospace industries. His sector issues approximately 48,000 patents per year valid in up to 44 countries and covering a market population of 700 million people. Previously, he was Chief Operating Officer in the information communication technology sector, where he was at the forefront of ensuring the EPO’s stable and predictable approach to software patenting.

During his 30 years at the EPO, Mr Philpott has gained extensive experience of European and other patent grant processes and has engaged with the global patent system stakeholder community.

Mr Philpott’s keynote speech is entitled: “European patents – your stable IoT transaction currency” and will deal with how the EPO is addressing the challenges of patenting IoT technology.
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Tim Pohlmann - IoT IP 2019.jpg
Tim Pohlmann
CEO & Founder, IPlytics GmbH
Tim Pohlmann is CEO and Founder of IPlytics GmbH, an IP intelligence tool that correlates and processes worldwide patents, standards, contributions, declared SEPs and pooled patents. IPlytics works with all of the top SEP owners for 3G, 4G and 5G and many licensing companies in the automotive, consumer electronics and industrial production space. Dr Pohlmann has been a Research Associate at the law and economics group of patents at CERNA and MINES ParisTech. He was also a PhD and Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Berlin Institute of Technology. During the past 10 years, Dr Pohlmann has been actively involved in preparing studies for the European Commission, WIPO and the German government on SEPs, FRAND and patent pooling. He is currently involved in studies regarding 5G patents commissioned by the German government and the European Commission.
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Matthias Schneider - IoT IP 2019.jpg
Matthias Schneider
Chief Licensing Officer, Patents, Audi AG
Matthias Schneider is Chief Licensing Officer of Patents at Audi AG and a member of the European Commission’s expert group on SEP licensing. He has been active in the area of IP management and licensing for many years, as Vice President of IP Rights at Siemens Communication Devices and BenQ Mobile and Global Head of Defensive Licensing at Nokia Corp. Mr Schneider has been an adviser of major telecoms manufacturing companies and patent licensing entities. He has played an important role in the development of the Siemens cellular communication patent licensing programmes and was the lead negotiator of numerous high-value licensing deals (offensive and defensive) for various companies. He is also the inventor of more than 20 granted patents related to user interface and communication technology. Mr Schneider teaches courses on user interface design and human factors at the Technical University of Munich.
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Nigel Swycher - Auto IP Europe 2018.jpg
Nigel Swycher
CEO, Cipher
Nigel Swycher is founder and CEO of Aistemos, a leading IP analytics and strategy company headquartered in London. Cipher Automotive is the first analytics platform specifically designed for the sector. It harnesses artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance competitive intelligence and provide actionable insight.

Mr Swycher is a director of the Open Register of Patent Ownership, which is dedicated to improving transparency around the ownership of the world’s patents. He has over 25 years’ experience as an IP lawyer and was head of intellectual property at Slaughter and May. Mr Swycher has been recognised for his IP strategy expertise in the IAM Strategy 300.
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Luis Ignacio Vicente del Olmo - IoT IP 2019.jpg
Luis Ignacio Vicente del Olmo
Director, IP & Return on Innovation, Telefonica
For 29 years, Luis Ignacio Vicente del Olmo has assisted Telefonica in its innovation and industrial property-related activities. At present, he is Director of IP and Return on Innovation, a role which includes leading the Telefonica Patent Office.

Mr Vicente del Olmo is a member of the board of 5TONIC, the first 5G open lab in Europe, and Vice President of the Licensing Executive Society Spain and Portugal.

Mr Vicente del Olmo teaches IP and Industry 4.0 classes at various international business schools and universities. He has a PhD in physics and a master’s in analysis and the management of science and technology. He is also an industrial engineer and a graduate in innovation management, the telecoms economy and European communities.
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beat_weibel - IOT.jpg
Beat Weibel
Chief IP Counsel, Siemens
Beat Weibel studied electrical engineering at ETH Zurich and was a Trainee Patent Attorney at ABB from 1991 until 1995. In 1995 he qualified as European Patent Attorney. He was Head of Corporate IP at Georg Fischer AG from 1998 until 2000, Head of the IP Department at ABB Switzerland from 2000 until 2007 and Chief IP Counsel at ABB Ltd from 2007 until 2012. Since 2013, he has been Head of the Corporate IP Department and Chief IP Counsel at Siemens AG.

Previously, Mr Weibel lectured on patent law at ETH Zurich. He lectures at the University of Applied Science Zurich and the Technical University of Munich. Mr Weibel teaches preparation courses for the Swiss patent attorney qualifying exam and regularly publishes and speaks on IP law. He is President of the German Association of Patent Attorneys and the European Federation of Intellectual Property Agents in Industry.
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Joff Wild.JPG
Joff Wild
Editor-in-Chief, IP and Data Division, Law Business Research
Joff Wild is Editor-in-Chief of the IP and Data Division at Law Business Research, and a journalist who has specialised in covering IP issues since 1992. He is responsible for all content generated by IAM, World Trademark Review and Global Data Review, including online, magazine, research and conference products. Mr Wild developed the idea for IAM and was its Editor from 2003 to 2018. Prior to that he contributed in a freelance capacity to a range of publications, including The Times, the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal. He was Editor of Managing Intellectual Property from 1994 to 1997 and Publisher of IP products at Euromoney plc from 1997 until 2000.
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