Auto IP USA 2019


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    Protecting IP in new alliances

    Alliances have become a template for the auto industry, encouraging innovation and collaboration superior to both full mergers and limited cooperation deals. However, these partnerships create complex issues for IP experts and the assets they both own already and create as a part of the alliance.

    • Increasing collaboration with partners and competitors

    • Effectively managing and sharing IP through alliances

    • Successfully managing trade secrets and collaboration

    • How are internal policies adjusted to allow alliances?

    10:30 AM  -  11:00 AM
    Networking break
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    Technology transfer in mobility

    Universities and research institutions are innovation hubs and play a fundamental role in advancements in key areas such as robotics and AI. How can players in the automotive industry work together with these institutions to create commercial products and increase technological advancements?

    • Looking beyond the convergence of Silicon Valley and Detroit

    • Extracting the most out of technology transfer opportunities

    • Working effectively with universities and research organizations

    • Licensing, spin-outs or something else? What are the best value creation opportunities for automotive?

    12:00 PM  -  1:00 PM
    Lunch and networking break
    1:00 PM  -  2:15 PM
    The future car part one: the nuts and bolts

    Whether the future is fully electric, hybrid, fuel cell, or something else, it is clear that the technology behind vehicle propulsion is changing at an accelerated rate. In an already complex supply chain with OEMs, Tier 1s, Tier 2s, and many more players involved, new components and technologies are only adding to the complexity.

    • Capitalizing and succeeding in the era of electrification and alternative fuels

    • The impact of new innovation on existing technologies

    • Protecting reputation, success, and profits in the changing supply chain

    2:15 PM  -  2:35 PM
    Networking break
    2:35 PM  -  3:50 PM
    The future car part two: the connected car

    As propulsion technologies continue to progress, technology inside the vehicle advances. The pursuit of autonomous technology and ‘smart’ passenger cabin experiences introduces new areas of engineering and development that are far beyond the standard expertise of the traditional OEMs and their cars.

    • IP challenges in the era of connectivity and infotainment

    • Managing open source in the supply chain

    • SEP licensing and FRAND in automotive

    • The viability for patent pools in the auto landscape

    3:50 PM  -  4:10 PM
    Networking break
    4:10 PM  -  5:10 PM
    Beyond the car: the IP challenges of the future

    While recognizable technology leaps have taken place in the automobile, there are key developments taking place in other areas such as freight and the ‘last mile’, through micro-mobility trends.

    • IP challenges on the horizon for the new era of mobility

    • Lessons learned so far from the ever-changing automobile landscape

    • Can developments in SEP and FRAND be transferred to different types of mobility?

    5:10 PM  -  5:15 PM
    Closing remarks
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    Drinks reception