Software IP 2019


    8:00 am  -  9:00 am
    Registration and morning coffee
    9:00 am  -  9:15 am
    Chair’s welcome
    9:15 am  -  9:45 am
    Keynote address
    9:45 am  -  11:00 am
    How the game is changing

    Few industries have been through as much disruption as software and computing. The rapid pace of innovation is a perpetual challenge for IP managers and their advisers.

    • Crafting winning strategies from start-ups to multinationals
    • The latest developments on subject matter eligibility
    • The ongoing implications of Oracle v Google
    • Managing disruption: the impact of open source, SaaS and more
    11:00 am  -  11:40 am
    Networking break
    11:40 am  -  12:40 pm
    Thriving on the international playing field

    The distinct nature of software means both creators and end-users need to be aware of global trends.

    • Beyond the United States: staying abreast of developments in EMEA and APAC
    • Successes and failures in the global arena
    • Understanding what makes the US different
    12:40 pm  -  2:00 pm
    Lunch and networking break
    2:00 pm  -  3:00 pm
    New protection paradigms for software IP

    Obtaining patent coverage can be tough and sometimes it is positively inadvisable. This means innovators and creators need to devise protection strategies incorporating different kinds of IP right.

    • Patents, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights – or all of the above
    • The changing climate: the role of defensive platforms, patent pools and NPEs
    • Managing the challenges of AI, autonomy, SaaS and open source
    3:00 pm  -  3:30 pm
    Networking break
    3:30 pm  -  4:30 pm
    Demonstrating software IP’s ROI

    Software IP teams are often seen as cost centres. This presents myriad challenges when trying to justify their wider contribution to the business.

    • Talking to senior leadership about the importance of IP protection
    • When monetisation through licensing or sales is an option
    • Using data analytics to demonstrate your ROI
    4:30 pm  -  5:00 pm
    Fireside discussion
    5:00 pm  -  5:05 pm
    Closing remarks
    5:05 pm  -  6:05 pm
    Drinks reception