Pharma and Biotech IP 2019




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    Chair’s welcome
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    Managing political and legislative change

    A number of political and legislative changes confront patent owners in the life sciences space. Understanding them is crucial to protecting valuable intangible assets.

    • The spectre of compulsory licensing

    • Harmonisation: UPC or its alternatives

    • Final considerations on the brink of Brexit

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    Overcoming the barriers to building a successful IP business strategy

    The pharmaceuticals IP landscape is complex and difficult to navigate. Patent strategies need to adapt and grow with the ever-changing environment in order to ensure commercial and legal success.

    • Patentability challenges

    • Strategies for Europe, the United States and China

    • Maximising the value of IP

    • Impact of recent case law

    11:45  -  12:45
    Second medical use claims in the United Kingdom and elsewhere

    The UK Supreme Court’s recent landmark decision in Warner-Lambert v Actavis has important implications for the application of plausibility and infringement tests to cases involving second medical use patents. Given the growing importance of drug re-purposing in the life sciences industry, the issues addressed in the judgment are of the utmost significance to pharma patent professionals in the United Kingdom, across Europe and beyond.

    Warner-Lambert v Actavis: the case and its implications

    • Plausibility and infringement tests for second medical use patents

    • Second medical use claims across Europe

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    Updates from the ECJ

    A number of crucial matters remain pending before Europe’s highest court. This session will delve into updates and critical outcomes from the court’s recent and forthcoming decisions.

    • Recent decisions and landmark cases at the ECJ

    • Is the ECJ fit for purpose for life sciences patent litigation?

    • The implications of ECJ decisions on national law

    14:45  -  15:15
    An update from the United States
    This overview will address how changes in leadership at the USPTO have led to a focus on 101 guidance and patent protection as well as a forward look into how biosimilars and biologics litigation is developing.
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    The future of SPCs

    While SPCs offer crucial protection for pharmaceutical innovators, a number of questions hang over the future of these rights in Europe.

    • Interpreting Article 3(a): what constitutes protection by a basic patent in force?
    • The manufacturing waiver and its potential repercussions for innovation and the market
    • Has the unitary SPC been derailed?

    16:45  -  17:15
    Charting the CRISPR IP landscape

    With advances in CRISPR happening at breakneck speed, many questions about the protection and monetisation of the revolutionary technology are yet to be answered.

    • The CRISPR patent landscape beyond the United States: Europe, Asia and the rest of the world

    • The future of CRISPR patent licensing

    • Patentability issues surrounding gene-editing technologies

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    Chair’s closing remarks