Patent Licensing 2018


Hung Chang - Harman International - PatentLicensing.jpg
Hung Chang
Senior Product Counsel, Workday
Hung Chang recently joined Workday as Senior Product Counsel. Previously, Mr. Chang worked at Harman International, where he supported the business teams on matters relating to open source, product development, data privacy, and technology licensing—particularly in the automotive and Internet of Things spaces.
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seanclark-Patent Licensing.jpg
Sean Clark
Director, IP Licensing, TiVo
Sean Clark is Director of IP Licensing at TiVo—one of the pioneering companies in delivering entertainment experiences. There, he promotes and supports business partnerships relating to TiVo’s extensive digital entertainment patent portfolio. Among TiVo’s licensees are leading manufacturers of smart video products and solutions including Vizio, Sony, Roku, Panasonic, and TCL. Mr. Clark has also held IP licensing positions at Lattice Semiconductor, Intellectual Ventures, Xperi, and Microsoft.
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Makan DELRAHIM - Pat Lic.jpg
Makan Delrahim
Assistant Attorney General, The United States Department of Justice Antitrust Division
Makan Delrahim was confirmed on September 27, 2017, as Assistant Attorney General for the Antitrust Division. Mr. Delrahim previously served as Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy White House Counsel. Mr. Delrahim’s rich antitrust background covers the full range of industries, issues, and institutions touched upon by the work of the Antitrust Division. He is a former partner in the Los Angeles office of a national law firm. He served in the Antitrust Division from 2003 to 2005 as a Deputy Assistant Attorney General, overseeing the Appellate, International, and Policy sections. During that time, he played an integral role in building the Antitrust Division’s engagement with its international counterparts and was involved in civil and criminal matters. He has served on the Attorney General’s Task Force on Intellectual Property and as Chairman of the Merger Working Group of the International Competition Network. Mr. Delrahim also served as a Commissioner on the Antitrust Modernization Commission from 2004 to 2007. Earlier in his career, Mr. Delrahim served as antitrust counsel, and later as the Staff Director and Chief Counsel of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee.
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Sri Divakaruni - Patent Licensing.JPG
Sri Divakaruni
Senior Director, Innovation and Business Development, United Technologies Corporation
Sri Divakaruni is Senior Director of Innovation and Business Development at United Technologies Corporation (UTC). The department was formed as a corporate function in 2012 to leverage and monetize UTC's vast portfolio of technology and IP into non-core markets and develop business innovations for core markets. Mr. Divakaruni engages with senior executives across UTC business units, technology companies, and financial firms—including venture capital and private equity—to identify potential customers, develop business models and financial frameworks, and negotiate deals that include IP licensing or sale, third-party incubation, and technology development partnerships.
Before joining UTC, Mr. Divakaruni spent 24 years at IBM in executive and technical management roles across the company’s hardware, software, and services businesses and with IBM Research. He earned an MS in electrical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a bachelor of science degree in materials and metallurgical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology.
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John Garland.png
John Garland
Director, Business Development, Finjan
John Garland is Director of Business Development for Finjan Holdings, where he helps the company to seek patent monetization events while investigating strategic opportunities involving IP.

Mr. Garland has 25 years’ experience as a licensing executive in areas including patent licensing (inbound and outbound), technology licensing, joint ventures, strategic alliances, spin-offs, technology acquisition, and assisting clients with IP strategy, as well as patent acquisition and divestitures.

Previously, Mr. Garland worked at Rockstar Consortium, where he was the lead executive responsible for the development and implementation of the service provider licensing program. Before that, he worked at IP equity fund Rembrandt IP Management. Mr. Garland has also held key executive roles at ThinkFire and led the worldwide licensing efforts for Lucent Technologies, before which he worked at AT&T. Mr. Garland holds a bachelor of science in electrical engineering and a master of business administration.
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Fabian Gonell-Qualcomm.jpg
Fabian Gonell
Senior Vice President, Licensing Strategy and Legal Counsel, Qualcomm
Fabian Gonell is Senior Vice President for Licensing Strategy and Legal Counsel in Qualcomm's technology licensing division, where his responsibilities include developing the company’s licensing strategy and overseeing its compliance with the rules of standards organizations. He has played a major role in structuring and negotiating licensing agreements with many of Qualcomm’s major licensees and contributed heavily to Qualcomm’s resolution of the investigation by China’s National Development and Reform Commission and the Taiwan Free Trade Commission into the company’s licensing practices. Before joining Qualcomm, Mr. Gonell was a Litigator at Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP in New York, where he represented Qualcomm and other clients in patent and antitrust litigation.
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Sarah Guichard-Google.jpg
Sarah Guichard
Lead Patent Counsel, Google
Sarah Guichard is Lead Patent Counsel for transactions at Google LLC. She leads a team responsible for Google’s patent licensing and transactions.
Before joining Google, Ms. Guichard worked in-house at GE Ventures and was Vice President at RPX Corporation and Blackberry. Her experience includes leading global teams, developing patent portfolios, and negotiating strategic licensing deals, as well as handling technology transfers, patent acquisitions, joint venture formations, and Series A financing. Ms. Guichard began her legal career as a patent agent, then worked in private practice before moving in-house.
Before entering the legal profession, Ms. Guichard spent five years working as an electrical engineer primarily focused on satellite and terrestrial communication systems. She holds a BS in electrical engineering from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, a master’s in electrical engineering from the University of California at Los Angeles, and a law degree from Loyola Law School, Los Angeles.
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Eeva Hakoranta
Vice President, Licensing, Nokia Technologies
Eeva Hakoranta is vice president of licensing for the Patent Business at Nokia. With more than 100 licensees, Nokia has one of the industry’s broadest and strongest IP portfolios—reporting around €1.6 billion in patent and brand licensing revenue in 2017.

In addition to leading licensing, Ms. Hakoranta is involved in enforcement, regulatory matters, and business development. She joined Nokia in 2006 to create an IP rights legal organization and worked with patent licensing and other IP rights-intensive transactions before assuming her present role in 2012. Before that, she advised international clients at private practice firm Roschier.

Having worked for many years at the intersection of business, IP, and competition law, Ms. Hakoranta has closed hundreds of agreements, managed complex enforcement projects, and been involved in major transactions.

Ms. Hakoranta has a master's degree in law from Helsinki University and holds several positions of trust in related professional organizations.
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Joe Juliano - Patent Licensing.jpg
Joseph Juliano
Senior Licensing Council, Honda Patents & Technologies North America LLC
Joseph Juliano is Senior Licensing Counsel at Honda Patents & Technologies North America, LLC, the entity that oversees Honda’s IP legal function in North America. Since joining Honda in 2008, Mr. Juliano has been involved with every type of IP matter encountered by the company, including litigation, clearance, anti-counterfeiting support, and contract support. In the contracts area, he has negotiated and drafted a variety of agreements—including licenses, sponsored research, and development agreements. His clients are based primarily in the United States and Japan, and he spent two years in Japan working on IP and contracts issues. He holds an undergraduate degree in computer engineering and computer science from the University of Southern California and a law degree from Georgetown University Law Center.
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Ken-Korea-Patent Licensing.jpg
Kenneth S. Korea
SVP / Head of Silicon Valley IP Office, US IP Center, Samsung Electronics
Kenneth S. Korea joined Samsung Electronics in February 2011 as head of its U.S. IP Center, where his responsibilities include IP acquisition, licensing, and litigation. Mr. Korea began his career as an engineer before entering the legal profession. After graduating from law school, he worked as a judicial law clerk to a federal judge and went on to work for the U.S. Attorney’s Office as a federal criminal prosecutor. After five years of government service, Mr. Korea entered private practice as a patent litigator and was a partner at several top-tier firms. His practice has evolved into a diverse IP practice that includes IP counseling and M&A involving high-tech companies. He has been involved in many patent acquisition matters and large cross-licensing agreements as a principal negotiator for Samsung. Mr. Korea has a bachelor’s in electrical engineering from Cornell University and a JD from Northwestern University School of Law.
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Subash Krishnankutty-Kudelski Group.jpg
Subash Krishnankutty
Vice President, IP Licensing and Business Development, Kudelski Group
Subash Krishnankutty is Vice President of IP Licensing and Business Development at the Kudelski Group, a world leader in digital security and convergent media solutions, where he leads the development of various patent licensing and monetization programs and strategic patent acquisition activities. Dr. Krishnankutty joined Kudelski in 2012 and was one of the three founding members of its IP team. He was previously Director of Business Development at Intellectual Ventures, where he co-led the development and go-to-market strategy of the semiconductor licensing program.

Before that, Dr. Krishnankutty was a business development executive in IBM’s technology and IP licensing group, where he worked on technology and patent licensing deals in speech recognition and data analytics. He was also responsible for the monetization of patent assets from the services division within IBM Research.

Dr. Krishnankutty has an MS and a PhD in electrical and computer engineering from North Carolina State University.
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Thomas Jarvis - Patent Licensing.jpg
Thomas L. Jarvis
Partner, Winston & Strawn LLP
Thomas L. Jarvis has more than 30 years’ experience litigating and licensing IP rights—principally patents in the electronics and telecoms industries. Mr. Jarvis is chair of Winston & Strawn LLP’s patent litigation practice at the International Trade Commission (ITC). Since the ITC does not have authority to impose monetary damage awards, Mr. Jarvis has extensive experience negotiating and drafting licensing agreements that resolve these ITC litigations. Previously, he was a Senior Investigative Attorney at the ITC, where he litigated patent cases in the Office of Unfair Import Investigations for 10 years and was privy to a broad range of licensing agreements that shaped the electronics and telecoms industries.
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Roy Maharaj - Patent Licensing 2018.JPG
Roy Maharaj
Vice President, Global Patent Licensing, Ericsson
Roy Maharaj is Vice President of Global Patent Licensing at Ericsson, where he is responsible for leading the monetization of Ericsson's over 45,000 granted patents. Ericsson holds one of the strongest radio communication patent portfolios in the industry—covering 2G, 3G, 4G, and soon 5G cellular standards.

Mr. Maharaj has over 20 years’ experience in global patent licensing, covering operations in all major markets worldwide. Before joining Ericsson, he was Vice President of Licensing at Intellectual Ventures, where he led the development and monetization of several successful licensing and assertion campaigns. Before that, Mr. Maharaj led IP monetization and technology licensing at a variety of companies, including IBM, where he began his legal career.

Mr. Maharaj holds a JD from Santa Clara University School of Law, an MBA from San Jose State University, and an undergraduate degree in business from Santa Clara University.
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Sanjeev Mehta - Patent Licensing.jpg
Sanjeev Mehta
Vice President and Director, IP Transactions, Verizon
Sanjeev Mehta is a Vice President and Director of IP Transactions at Verizon. He has a diverse IP practice that includes IP and software licensing (inbound and outbound), patent acquisition and sales, participation in patent pools, and patent strategy. In addition to these responsibilities, Mr. Mehta handles IP provisions in technology agreements and supports M&A deals. He started his career as a Software Programmer at Accenture. After attending law school, Mr. Mehta worked as a Patent Litigator at multiple top-tier law firms. He joined Verizon in 2014 and is based in Los Angeles. Mr. Mehta is admitted to the state bars of New York and California and is registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Mr. Mehta holds a BA in chemistry from Columbia University and a JD from Fordham Law School.
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Brian Napper - Patent Licensing.jpg
Brian W. Napper
Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting
Brian Napper is a Senior Managing Director and Global IP Leader at FTI Consulting and a former Global Principal in charge of Deloitte’s IP practice. Mr. Napper has testified in over 50 U.S. federal and state court trials and international arbitration proceedings relating to IP damages in many industries, including telecoms, semiconductors, software, clean energy, cloud computing, medical devices, pharmaceutical, and social media.

Mr. Napper has a significant practice consulting with European companies and was recently given a 10-year appointment by the European Commission as a subject matter monitor on FRAND issues. He is responsible for assessing whether certain licensing activities of an IP rights holder—including negotiation timing behavior and agreed-upon rates—are consistent with a FRAND framework. Working with cross-discipline teams of engineers, business unit leaders, and counsel, Mr. Napper has directed numerous licensing negotiations, setting royalty rates and terms.
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Ricardo Nunes - Patent Licensing.jpg
Ricardo Nunes
Head, Patents, Daniel Legal & IP Strategy
Ricardo Nunes is a Partner and Head of Patents at Daniel Legal & IP Strategy, where he leads the patent litigation and patent prosecution teams. For more than a decade, he has advised U.S., Brazilian, and multinational companies on matters including high-stakes complex patent and regulatory disputes. He has represented clients in a range of technology-related fields, including chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, telecoms, software, electronics, oil and gas, and mechanical.
In 2017 Mr. Nunes was recognized by Who’s Who Legal as one of Brazil’s leading patent litigators. He is also ranked in the IAM Patent 1000.
Mr. Nunes earned LLM in IP law summa cum laude from the George Washington University Law School. He also holds a master’s in regulatory law from the Getulio Vargas Foundation and an LLB from the State University of Rio de Janeiro. He is licensed to practice in Brazil and the state of New York.
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Gil Ohana
Senior Director, Antitrust and Competition, Cisco Systems

Gil Ohana is Senior Director of Antitrust and Competition at Cisco Systems, a leading manufacturer of networking equipment for the Internet. He regularly advises Cisco on antitrust issues relating to M&A, joint ventures, standard setting, distribution, and IP licensing, as well as government investigations and government and private litigation. Mr. Ohana regularly writes and speaks on antitrust issues, as well as other subjects at the intersection of antitrust and IP law. He has participated in IP rights policy discussions at leading standards development organizations and has advised on the formation and operation of numerous informal standards development organizations.

From 1993 to 1996, Mr. Ohana was a trial attorney with the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice.

Mr. Ohana holds a law degree from Columbia University and a BA from Harvard College. He is admitted to the bars of California and the District of Columbia.

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Michael Renaud
Division Head, IP, Mintz Levin
Michael Renaud is an experienced litigator with a business-centric approach to optimizing the value of patent assets. He is known for his ability to develop successful strategies for the monetization of patent portfolios involving complex technologies—not only through traditional litigation and licensing approaches in the U.S. and abroad, but also by creating markets for—and brokering the sale and acquisition of—select patent portfolios. With an engineering background and nearly 20 years’ experience practicing law, Mr. Renaud draws on extensive expertise in identifying untapped assets and value drivers in diverse patent portfolios and creating opportunities that bring the right people together. He has helped clients to realize returns of over $500 million in recent years by negotiating deals and successfully prosecuting enforcement actions in the federal district courts and before the International Trade Commission. Mr. Renaud is listed in the IAM Strategy 300 and the IAM Patent 1000.
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Neal Rubin
Senior Vice President, Operations, RPX Corporation
Neal Rubin is Senior Vice President of Operations at RPX Corporation. In this capacity, he is responsible for helping RPX’s clients to mitigate their IP risk through services such as defensive patent acquisitions and patent insurance. He also manages the intelligence services teams that collect, analyze, and provide insights into the patent market.

Before joining RPX, Mr. Rubin was Vice President of Litigation at Cisco Systems, where he was responsible for managing the company’s global litigation function, including its IP portfolio, commercial and employment litigation, and government investigations.

Before joining Cisco, Mr. Rubin was Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of California. He began his legal career with McCutchen, Doyle, Brown & Enersen (now part of Morgan Lewis & Bockius).

Mr. Rubin earned his BA in 1989 from Amherst College and his JD in 1994 from the University of Southern California Law School.
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Cynthia Seal - Patent Licensing 2018.jpg
Cynthia Seal
Senior Counsel, IP Law, IBM
Cynthia Seal is Senior Counsel for IP Law at IBM. Ms. Seal directs the IP licensing transactions team responsible for drafting and negotiating patent licenses and patent assignment agreements. She provides corporate guidance on IP-related transactions to IBM’s worldwide IP law department. Since joining IBM in 2000, Ms. Seal has served as an attorney in Austin, New York, and Raleigh, supporting IBM’s software and systems groups and IBM Research. She is registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and is admitted to the state bar of Texas.
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Joseph Sommer
Vice President, IP, AT&T
Joseph Sommer has been involved in various forms of monetization of AT&T’s patent assets, brand, and technology for more than 20 years. He has participated in M&A transactions, standards consortium pool formations, and patent valuations; managed company-wide de facto and standard-based patent licensing programs; designed corporate-wide IP education courses; instituted and managed a patent sales program; managed two full patent portfolio analysis projects; and created a portfolio taxonomy for an early instantiation of the AT&T portfolio for ease of analysis. Mr. Sommer has also worked with venture capitalists to leverage portions of AT&T’s patent and technology asserts for high value.
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Chris Spadea
Managing Director, Navigant Consulting, Inc
Chris Spadea is a Managing Director in Navigant Consulting, Inc.’s IP group, based in New York.
Mr. Spadea has over 20 years’ experience determining damages relating to the impact of business events in the contexts of IP, breach of contract, fraud, bankruptcy, and securities manipulation, and has provided expert witness services in hundreds of matters. Further, Mr. Spadea has significant ‘real world’ experience as a former portfolio manager for the world’s largest privately owned patent holder. In that capacity, he managed portfolios with hundreds of millions of dollars in invested capital, created monetization programs across a range of industries, simultaneously led new investments in patents, and worked to sell portfolios with transaction values in the hundreds of millions. This experience with a large patent owner, coupled with decades of expert consulting experience, allows Mr. Spadea to bring realistic valuation techniques backed by case law into his transaction and strategy assignments.
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Keith Walker
Director, IP Licensing, IGT
Keith Walker has international experience in IP licensing, sales, valuation, strategy, and litigation. He is an experienced negotiator and is adept at creating value for clients and resolving disputes. His deal experience includes the licensing, divestiture, and acquisition of patent portfolios; technology licensing; formulating and negotiating patent, trademark, and software licensing agreements; developing business cases supporting deal valuation; and developing financial structures to achieve deal closure. Mr. Walker has been actively involved in licensing over the past 20 years and has experienced the impact of new legislation on the business.
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Rob Yost (002).jpg
Rob Yost
IP and Patent Counsel, Visa Inc.
Rob Yost is IP and Patent Counsel in the San Francisco office of Visa Inc., where he is responsible for managing a global patent portfolio throughout the entire patent lifecycle. Mr. Yost also provides legal and strategic counsel on IP initiatives including licensing, valuation, partnerships, M&A transactions, and the management of IP issues arising from Visa's participation in standard-setting organizations. Mr. Yost joined Visa from Hewlett-Packard’s (HP’s) IP licensing group, where he was responsible for delivering consistent revenue from HP’s patent portfolio. He previously worked as a software engineer at Unisys and is an inventor on two issued U.S. patents and multiple pending applications. Mr. Yost is licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania and before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and is a registered in-house counsel in California. He has a BS in computer science from Drexel University and a JD from the Temple University Beasley School of Law.
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