Patent Licensing 2017


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Brian Blasius
Vice president, business development, The Marconi Group
Brian Blasius is vice president of business development at The Marconi Group. He is excited to leverage over 20 years of patent licensing, business management, and financial experience in order to bring value-based licensing solutions to both licensors and licensees, while eliminating complexity and creating an efficient marketplace.
Mr. Blasius previously worked at Google, where he led various patent initiatives, including mobile-focused licensing, IP transactional governance, and community-based licensing solutions. He was an integral part of closing many of Google’s cross-licensing deals, and led Google’s overall standard-essential patent licensing matters. Before Google, Mr. Blasius led Motorola's outbound licensing business, serving a critical role in navigating through the smartphone wars and events leading to Google's acquisition of Motorola. He also held several leadership positions in corporate finance at Motorola.
Mr. Blasius holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a BSc in finance from Northern Illinois University.
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Joe Chernesky
Senior vice president, intellectual property and innovation, Kudelski Group
Joe Chernesky is senior vice president, intellectual property and innovation at the Kudelski Group, a Swiss public company and world leader in digital security and convergent media solutions. Mr. Chernesky manages the group’s IP and innovation strategies, and the IP business unit.
Previously, Mr. Chernesky was vice president and general manager of global licensing at Intellectual Ventures; co-founder, president and chief operating officer of IPotential; vice president of Boeing Management Company, a subsidiary of The Boeing Company; and held several management positions at Intel Corporation.
Mr. Chernesky serves as a board director for the non-profit Village Enterprises and as both a board director and board adviser for several technology businesses in the United States.
Mr. Chernesky holds a BS and MBA from the University of Arizona and served for 10 years as a US naval officer in various active and reserve assignments throughout the world.
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Scott Elrod
Associate director, licensing, Stanford University Office of Technology Licensing
Scott Elrod is associate director at the Stanford University Office of Technology Licensing. Before joining Stanford he was vice president at the Palo Alto Research Center, where he led a division focusing on inkjet printing, biomedical systems, additive manufacturing, metamaterials, and cleantech. Dr. Elrod also directed the Environment, Safety, and Health (ESH) Division at SEMATECH, a consortium of semiconductor manufacturers, and co-wrote a chapter on the semiconductor industry's ESH performance. Dr. Elrod received his AB in physics from Earlham College (1981) and his PhD in applied physics from Stanford University (1985). While at Stanford he built the world's first low-temperature tunneling microscope. He holds 65 patents.
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Marc Frechette
Senior vice president and senior counsel, WiLAN Inc.
Marc Frechette is senior vice president and senior counsel at WiLAN Inc. He is responsible for patent licensing and business development for various technologies, as well as providing legal counsel. Before joining WiLAN, Mr. Frechette was senior vice president at Acacia Research Corporation, where he led licensing activities in many areas of technology and managed patent portfolios. Before Acacia, Mr. Frechette worked as a patent attorney at Crockett & Crockett and as an in-house attorney at Discovision Associates, a patent licensing division of Pioneer Electronics. Before becoming an attorney, he was an engineer at Boeing, Ducommun, and Conexant Systems. Mr. Frechette has a BS in manufacturing engineering from Boston University, a JD from Whittier Law School, and an MBA from the University of California, Los Angeles. Mr. Frechette is registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and is a member of the California State Bar.
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Eeva Hakoranta
Head of patent licensing, patent business, Nokia Technologies
Eeva Hakoranta leads patent licensing at Nokia Technologies. In addition to managing licensing operations and strategy she is involved in enforcement, regulatory matters and business development.
Having joined Nokia in 2006 to establish an IP rights legal organization working with patent licensing and other IP rights-intensive business transactions, she assumed her licensing position in 2012. Before joining Nokia, she worked in private practice at the leading Nordic law firm Roschier Attorneys, advising international clients on transactional, IP and technology-related matters, including litigation and arbitration.
Working for many years at the intersection of business, IP and competition law, Ms. Hakoranta has closed hundreds of agreements, managed complex enforcement projects and been deeply involved in defining terms for major transactions.
Ms. Hakoranta holds a master's in law from Helsinki University. She is active in a number of positions of trust within professional organizations in the fields of intellectual property and licensing.
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Robert Heath1.jpg
Robert Heath
Chief strategy officer, RPX Corporation
Robert Heath joined RPX in 2011 and was chief financial officer from 2015 to May 2017. Before RPX, Mr. Heath was head of strategy and acquisitions at Technicolor, a leading supplier of technology and services to media companies, where he oversaw an acquisition and divestiture program that refocused the company from consumer electronics to services and technology licensing. Before Technicolor, Mr. Heath was chief operating officer and chief financial officer at iBahn, an internet service provider to the hospitality industry.
Mr. Heath has extensive experience as an investment banker, with a focus on technology and growth companies at Kidder Peabody, SG Warburg, and Robertson Stephens. He began his career as a litigation technology consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers.
Mr. Heath received his MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and his AB from Harvard University.
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Richard Lloyd Final 84.jpg
Richard Lloyd
North America editor, IAM
Richard Lloyd is the North America editor of IAM based in Washington D.C. Before joining IAM in February 2014 he was a contributing editor to The American Lawyer and a freelance journalist. Before moving to the United States in 2011 Mr. Lloyd was the editor of Legal Business and before that was chief European correspondent for The American Lawyer.
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Tanya K. Moore
Chief licensing officer, Sonos
Tanya K. Moore is chief licensing officer of Sonos. Ms. Moore helps the company to leverage its extensive IP portfolio to advance its corporate strategy.
Ms. Moore has gained more than two decades’ IP and business development experience at IBM and Microsoft. In various executive roles at Microsoft, she led strategic IP deals, built licensing programs, helped to launch Microsoft's first patent litigations, and drove acquisitions and partnerships through M&A and IP asset licensing. At IBM, she began as an operating systems and supercomputing platform programmer, before transitioning to the company’s IP group, handling multimillion to multibillion-dollar transactions.
Ms. Moore serves on the board of governors for Certified Licensing Professionals. She is a past board member of the Licensing Executives Society (LES) and the LES Foundation, as well as a past president and chair of the board of LES U.S.A. and Canada.
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Gil Ohana
Senior director, antitrust and competition, Cisco Systems
Gil Ohana is senior director, antitrust and competition for Cisco Systems, the leading manufacturer of networking equipment for the Internet. He regularly advises Cisco on antitrust issues relating to mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, standard setting, distribution, and IP licensing, as well as government investigations, and government and private litigation. Mr. Ohana writes and regularly speaks on antitrust issues in M&A, IP licensing, standard-setting, and patent litigation, as well as other subjects at the intersection of antitrust and IP law.
Mr. Ohana has participated in discussions regarding IP rights policies at leading standards development organizations, including the American National Standards Institute, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standards Association, and the Internet Engineering Task Force. He has also advised on the formation and operation of numerous informal standards development organizations.
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Pat Patnode.jpg
Pat Patnode
President, GE Licensing & Technology Ventures
Pat Patnode is president of GE Licensing & Technology Ventures, leading a global team in developing new commercial opportunities for GE’s vast IP portfolio. The Licensing & Technology Ventures team provides business partners with access to GE’s technologies for them to use in innovative ways, helping them to accelerate their own technology development and differentiating them in the marketplace through licensing, joint development partnerships, and the formation of new companies.

Previously, Mr. Patnode was GE Ventures’ general counsel, managing the team responsible for all legal and compliance needs for the various GE Ventures business units. His experience spans numerous industries and subject areas including securities, intellectual property, complex commercial and licensing transactions, and litigation. Mr. Patnode joined GE Ventures from GE Global Research, where he was chief compliance officer. Mr. Patnode received his JD from Albany Law School and his bachelors in mechanical engineering from Clarkson University.
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Natasha Radovsky
Director, global patent and technology, Boeing Intellectual Property Licensing
Natasha Radovsky has over 15 years’ experience in valuating, commercializing, and marketing various IP assets. She has overseen extensive licensing negotiations, developed business strategies, and planned patent portfolio strategies. She has also been extensively involved in identifying and developing new business opportunities in Boeing’s core and adjacent markets with external partners, leveraging Boeing’s technology and intellectual property.
Ms. Radovsky has in-depth experience in technology assessment, marketing, corporate contracting, and negotiations, and interacts with customers, suppliers, subsidiaries, joint partners, start-up companies, and private equity firms to support their growth objectives. She is responsible for the licensing program of Boeing’s patent, technology, and software portfolio, as well as developing strategies for the monetization of Boeing’s intellectual property.
Ms. Radovsky’s business development and licensing experience includes positions at Linksys/Cisco, USWeb, and the University of California, Los Angeles. She has an MBA and JD, and degrees in computer science, physics, and engineering.
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Frank Reiner.jpg
Frank Reiner
Vice president, licensing, Internet of Things solutions, InterDigital Communications
Frank Reiner is vice president of Internet of Things solutions licensing at InterDigital Communications, having recently been vice president of licensing and chief financial officer at Spherix Inc. Mr. Reiner’s previous IP positions include senior roles at Kudelski and Flextronics International. Additionally, he was a partner at Intellectual Value Creation Services, LLC.
Mr. Reiner began his career as a software engineer in the defense industry where he developed high-end aircraft and tank simulators for General Electric, Martin Marietta, and Lockheed Martin. He holds a BS in computer science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and an MBA from Villanova University.
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Michael Renaud
Division head, IP section, Mintz Levin
Michael Renaud is an experienced litigator, known for his business-centric approach to identifying and optimizing the value of patent assets. He is also known for his ability to develop successful strategies for the monetization of patent portfolios involving complex technologies—not only through traditional litigation and licensing approaches, but also by creating markets for, and brokering the sale and acquisition of, select patent portfolios. With an engineering background and nearly 20 years’ experience practising law, Mr. Renaud draws on extensive expertise in identifying untapped assets and value drivers in diverse patent portfolios, and creating opportunities that bring the right people together. He has helped clients to realize returns of over $500 million in recent years by negotiating deals and successfully prosecuting enforcement actions, both in the federal district courts and before the International Trade Commission. Mr. Renaud is included in the IAM Strategy 300 and the IAM Patent 1000.
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Matteo Sabattini.jpg
Matteo Sabattini
Director, IP rights policy, Ericsson
Matteo Sabattini is director of IP rights policy at Ericsson and is based in Washington D.C. He is responsible for IP rights advocacy and promotion.
Mr. Sabattini has years of expertise in technology and IP-related matters, and his background combines business, policy, and technical skills. He holds an MBA from the George Washington University, a PhD in electrical engineering from the University of California, San Diego, and an MS in electrical engineering from the University of Bologna.
Before joining Ericsson, Mr. Sabattini was chief technology officer of the Sisvel Group until February 2017. He also worked at InterDigital and Global Prior Art, a boutique IP consulting firm based in Boston. He has held several teaching and research positions in wireless and mobile communications at the University of California, San Diego and at the German Aerospace Center.
Mr. Sabattini is a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
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Chris Spadea.JPG
Chris Spadea
Managing director, IP group, Navigant Consulting, Inc.
Chris Spadea has over 20 years’ experience valuing and monetizing intellectual property across a wide range of industries and in various business contexts. In this time Mr. Spadea has provided expert witness services on hundreds of matters.
Mr. Spadea has significant real world experience as a former portfolio manager of the largest privately owned patent holder in the world. He managed portfolios with hundreds of millions of dollars in invested capital, created monetization programs across a wide range of industries, simultaneously lead new investments in patents, and worked to sell portfolios with hundreds of millions of dollars in transactional value. This experience with a large patent owner coupled with decades of expert consulting experience allows Mr. Spadea to bring real world economics and experience into his damages work, and realistic valuation techniques backed by case law into his transaction and strategy assignments.
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Stefan Tamme.jpg
Stefan Tamme
Vice president, IP strategy and licensing, Rambus
Stefan Tamme joined Rambus in 2004 and is vice president of worldwide licensing and IP strategy. He leads the strategic development of Rambus’s patent portfolio and the implementation of its IP monetization strategies through its licensing programs and solutions businesses. His responsibilities include outbound licensing, as well as acquisitions and divestitures. He has been involved in successfully negotiating and closing transactions that have generated over $1 billion in revenues for Rambus. Previously, he served as Rambus’s director of global business enablement, where he led the strategic alliance partner program and the worldwide reseller channel.
Mr. Tamme has over 20 years’ technology and licensing experience in the electronics industry, ranging from semiconductors to systems and software. He is a frequent speaker at industry events and is chair of the Licensing Executive Society’s high-tech sector. He holds an MBA from Pepperdine University and an MSEE from the Leibniz University of Hanover.
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Boris Teksler.jpg
Boris Teksler
President and CEO, Conversant Intellectual Property Management Inc.
Boris Teksler is president and CEO, as well as a member of the board of directors, at Conversant Intellectual Property Management Inc. Mr. Teksler is a 24-year Silicon Valley veteran with a career spanning research, product development, and IP commercialization.
Most recently, Mr. Teksler was the CEO of Unwired Planet, Inc., formerly an IP company focused on the mobile industry. Previously, he was senior executive vice president and president of the technology business group at Technicolor, a technology leader in the media and entertainment sector. Before moving to Technicolor, he was head of Apple Inc.’s patent licensing and strategy. Before his tenure at Apple, he co-founded the IP licensing business at Hewlett-Packard.
Mr. Teksler has a degree in computer science from the University of California, Davis.
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Cory Van Arsdale.jpg
Cory Van Arsdale
Chief revenue officer, Intellectual Ventures
Cory Van Arsdale is chief revenue officer at Intellectual Ventures (IV) and a member of IV's senior management team and its Corporate Operations Council. He manages all licensing and divestiture monetization for IV. His team focuses on large transactions with major industry licensees, long-tail licensing programs, leveraged and strategic divestitures, and overall monetization strategy. He has 31 years of experience serving as a CEO, business development, and revenue-generating professional, acquisitions integration specialist, and IP and technology transactions lawyer. He has held roles at Microsoft, Apple, Sun Microsystems, and his own business consultancy, Van Arsdale Yeager LLC.
Mr. Van Arsdale received his bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of California and his juris doctor from the Santa Clara University School of Law. He is on the board of advisers of Parllay, and has lectured in law at the University of Washington School of Law.
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Shival Virmani.jpg
Shival Virmani
Assistant general counsel, IP and licensing, SanDisk, a Western Digital Company
Shival Virmani is assistant general counsel, IP and licensing for Western Digital, by way of Western Digital’s acquisition of SanDisk. Before this, he held senior licensing executive roles at Rockstar Consortium and InterDigital. He has also worked abroad in Munich for Infineon Technologies, in both licensing and litigation roles, and as a U.S. International Trade Commission staff attorney and a U.S. Patent and Trademark Office examiner.
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Ben Wang.jpg
Ben Wang
Vice president and chief IP counsel, ZTE
Ben Wang is vice president and chief IP counsel at ZTE in the United States, where he provides strategic and tactical guidance relating to IP licensing and litigation issues. Before joining ZTE, Mr. Wang established and led Unilever’s patent group in Shanghai for over five years, building patent portfolios, managing patent litigation, and counseling on legal and IP policy issues in China and globally. Before relocating to China, Mr. Wang practiced law in the United States for over 10 years.
Mr. Wang obtained his BS from Fudan University, MS from Harvard University, and JD from Georgetown University. He externed for Chief Judge Archer at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and clerked for Judge Turner at the U.S. Court of Federal Claims in Washington D.C.
Mr. Wang is a registered U.S. patent attorney, and briefly worked at a German law firm in Munich.
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Brian Way.jpg
Brian H. Way
Senior director, patent licensing, Dolby Laboratories
Brian Way is senior director of patent licensing at Dolby Laboratories, where he oversees the patent licensing team. In addition to direct patent licensing and negotiations, he is involved in patent litigation, patent pool activities, and working with standards-based technologies. Before joining Dolby, Mr. Way was head of the IP law department at Altera, where he led the IP department and managed a team overseeing the development of over 3,000 patent portfolios, as well as the company’s patent litigation, licensing, and other activities.
Before Altera, Mr. Way managed patent litigation activities at Apple and oversaw prosecution for the company’s server, developer technologies, and advanced computation groups. He was in the patent litigation groups at Morrison & Foerster in San Francisco and Hughes Hubbard & Reed in New York. Mr. Way has a BS from the University of Michigan and a JD from Columbia Law School.
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Joff Wild 84.jpg
Joff Wild
Editor, IAM
Joff Wild has been the editor of IAM since it was established in 2003. As a journalist, he has specialised in covering intellectual property since the early 1990s. Before IAM, Mr Wild was editor of Managing Intellectual Property, Patent World and Copyright World and assistant editor of Trademark World. He has written on IP-related subjects for publications including The Times, The Financial Times, Euromoney, The American Lawyer and Latin Finance, and has appeared on BBC Radio 5 Live and BBC Radio 4 to talk about intellectual property. He is also editor in chief of the IP division of Globe Business Media Group.
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James Wodarski.jpg
James Wodarski
Member and partner, intellectual property, Mintz Levin
James Wodarski is a partner in the IP section of Mintz Levin’s Boston office, and is an experienced litigator known for his business approach to creating value in patent assets. His success on behalf of clients comes from his ability to identify the value drivers in a portfolio and communicate that value to competitors, investors, purchasers, licensees, counsel, judges, and juries. A patent litigator with extensive experience, Mr. Wodarski has handled disputes involving various technologies, including smartphones, core processor circuits, digital imaging software, telecommunications devices, and LED lighting systems. Mr. Wodarski made the oral argument at the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit that resulted in the first reversal and remand of a Patent Trial and Appeal Board’s decision in an inter partes review of a patent, a nationally significant win in the IP space.
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