IoT IP 2019


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    Registration and morning coffee
    09:00  -  09:10
    Chair’s welcome
    09:10  -  09:40
    Opening keynote address
    09:40  -  10:40
    The view from 35,000 feet: fundamentally rethinking IP strategy

    IoT and the 4IR will enable industries and technologies to converge through greater connectivity and information sharing. IP managers are faced with exciting opportunities, but also significant challenges.

    • Fundamentally rethinking IP strategy

    • Managing the impacts of IoT, 5G and more

    • Interoperability and security

    10:40  -  11:00
    Industry focus: connected transport
    11:00  -  11:30
    Networking break
    11:30  -  12:50
    Win-win licensing

    As industries and technologies continue to converge with connectivity and real-time information sharing capabilities, opportunities are evolving beyond traditional licensing landscapes. But developing a successful approach can be tricky when you’re diving into new industries and unexplored territories.

    • Getting deals done in new industries and unexplored territories

    • Licensing dynamics for new players

    • What are the pitfalls to look out for?

    12:50  -  14:00
    Lunch and networking break
    14:00  -  15:00
    New protection paradigms for IoT

    Patent coverage can be tough to obtain and sometimes it is positively inadvisable. Innovators and creators need to devise protection strategies incorporating different kinds of IP right.

    • Patents, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights – or all of the above

    • The changing climate: the role of defensive platforms, patent pools and NPEs

    • Breaking down the silos and building a fully integrated IP protection strategy in the 4IR

    15:00  -  15:20
    Industry focus: utilities and infrastructure
    15:20  -  15:50
    Networking break
    15:50  -  16:50
    Data: powering the IoT revolution

    Data is the driving force behind IoT and the fourth industrial revolution. Working out who owns it and how to protect it is more important than ever.

    • Understanding data as an asset

    • Using IP to protect data assets

    • How to exploit data

    16:50  -  17:20
    Closing keynote address
    17:20  -  17:30
    Closing remarks
    17:30  -  18:30
    Drinks reception