Auto IP Europe 2018


    09:00  -  09:15
    Welcome address
    09:15  -  10:30
    Collaboration and success in the changing IP landscape

    As the drive to fully autonomous and self-driving cars continues, the landscape and role of intellectual property is constantly changing. Collaborations, joint ventures, new players and licensing are playing an increasingly important part, and it is vital for IP strategies to adapt for success.

    • Eyes on the future: how the roles of existing and new entrants are changing the market
    • Collaborating with partners and competitors: how is collaboration driving innovation?
    • Managing intellectual property at a global level: emerging challenges on the horizon and how to prosper
    • Is auto the next smartphone battle?
    10:30  -  11:10
    Networking break
    11:10  -  12:25
    Licensing ‘how to’

    Traditionally, automotive manufacturers have avoided licensing intellectual property. However, with innovations in connectivity, both internally and externally, automotive manufacturers are having to deal with standard-essential patents now more than ever.

    • The rise of technology licensing and the need for standards
    • Determining the different types of contract and what is available
    • What are the pitfalls to look out for?
    • Win-win deal making
    • Fair and reasonable
    • Recent case law in Europe, the United States and Asia
    12:25  -  13:40
    Lunch and networking break
    13:40  -  14:40
    Patent litigation in Europe: what to be prepared for

    With potentially big changes on the way for European patent litigation, it is vital to understand what is going on and how to enforce patents effectively.

    • Preparing for the Unified Patent Court
    • The pros and cons of litigating in key jurisdictions
    • US-style patent assertion entities – are they heading to Europe?
    14:40  -  15:20
    Networking break
    15:20  -  16:35
    Connected, autonomous and electrified: the IP challenges

    While a connected vehicle need not be autonomous, autonomous vehicles do need to be connected. What are the different IP challenges arising?

    • Capitalising on the move to electrification and fully autonomous
    • Emerging issues in internal and external vehicle communications
    • The data and privacy issues
    • Impacts on existing technologies
    • What role will the traditional OEMs play in the future?
    • The role of patents and the increasing importance of brand and design rights
    16:35  -  16:45
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